The art and science of display racks

DSC00552-300x214谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件are most essential for any retail store because display is the key in attracting shoppers. Presentation is everything as it is most important in every facet of life whether it is food, your website, or yourself going for a meeting. Each businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, saloons etc use color creativity to attract customers. So many garnishes for food presentation are used these days that it has become a separate thriving industry. According to a famous saying, we eat with our eyes

谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件retail stores are no different from this as lot of thought is behind the layout. everything a store displays is done after a lot of thought, to attract shoppers and indulge their senses. whether you are a small storeowner or a big supermarket, display plays an important role in the layout and increase customers.

Racking India is one of the leading display racks manufacturer谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件 in India and has been providing display racks, supermarket shelves, industrial racks, gondola, cable tray etc to supermarkets and warehouses all over India. Racking India has brought you this article, which would help you pick the display racks you need as per your store layout.

Types of Display Racks

display racks are most important to consider while planning a store layout. there are many varieties of display racks and based on the products you are offering as well as the space of your shop, you can decide the best display racks for shop.

Garment Display Racks

IMAGE_243_-300x214谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件These types of display racks comes with either hanger to hang clothes or small shelves to place folded clothes. Racking India has wide variety of garment display racks, available in all shapes and sizes, suited to different display purposes.

Electronic Item Racks

DSC00934-300x214Electronics are costly and mostly fragile. They should be displayed in such a manner that risk of breaking through fall decreases highly. Even stretched chain locks are provided in many racks to keep them safe.

Gondola Racks

Gondola racks are generally two sided or more with adjustable shelves. These are freestanding shelves and are especially useful for displaying cosmetics, jewelry, or pharmacy products.


谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件these are panels where horizontal or vertical recesses are given in which hooks, hangers, shelves, or pegs are fitted. slatwall can display a wide variety of merchandise and are highly used because of minimum space consumed.

Vegetable Racks

these are designed for storing & display perishable goods. Vegetable racks谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件 can be refrigerated display with special light effects for attracting shoppers.

谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件few other types of display racks are – pharmacy racks, cosmetic racks, tyre racks, shoe racks, gun cases, bookcases etc.

Picking the right display rack for your store

谁有平台上红包扫雷的软件to better manage the space and pick the right displays for your shop ask yourself these questions-

  1. Is the display right for the products you sell?
  2. Will the display attract more customers?
  3. Is the display consuming too much store space?

if you ask these right questions, you would end up saving money by choosing the correct displays for your shop.

Racking India is the leading display racks manufacturer in India and you can visit them at to know more about supermarket shelves. Racking India also provides custom displays on order so if you provide different products and need something which goes along with your brand, then it is the right place for you.